Author: Lisa J Latouche

  • Another Poem

    During the height of the COVID19 Pandemic there was an outpouring of art! It was beautiful to see musicians, writers, painters and other artists creating virtual shows, masterclasses and a plethora of engaging material. People found time to go back to the mother earth by gardening, running, and practicing wellness. Amid the bale, there was…

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  • Poems

    Sometimes, I dabble in poetry. In Spring 2020 I studied Renaissance Poetry and it was so refreshing interacting with these brilliant minds of ages past. They framed ideas in compelling and oftentimes complex ways and there was precision in their craft down to the letter. I was intrigued with their depth, rhythms, expressions, and structure.…

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  • PREE to the World!

    PREE to the World!

    Amazing initiative PREE! PREE For our first writing studio PREE is gathering together a Booker Prize winner, a Wyndham Campbell Award winner, an Oprah Magazine best of 2019 author, the 2018 winner of the BBC National Short Story Award and the 2017 winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize, a winner of the Forward Prizefor…

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  • My Journey to the MFA Part 2

    My Journey to the MFA Part 2

    When you claim something (in faith), the universe is waiting to give it to you. Go out and get it. It is yours.

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  • My Journey to the MFA

    The truth is I have this intense desire to become a respected author and I fear stagnancy more than I fear change.

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  • Staying the Course

    The advice out there is to build a platform and gain a following.  That’s the way to get your writing out there.  When I think about the energy and resources it takes to gain a following, I balk. There are many times I ask myself what’s the point of writing or blogging.  There is so…

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  • Why Blog?

    I’ve been wrestling with the idea of starting a blog for the past few years.  I first got interested in blogging at the Nature Island Literary Festival about eight to ten years ago when one person did a workshop about it.  Then that blogging idea kept popping up mostly every time I researched about writing…

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  • Welcome!

    Hello! I’m Lisa.  Welcome to my website, Living, Loving & Writing (LLW). It is so exciting to embark on this journey of creating this space to share my thoughts, feelings and stories – real and imagined. About stuff we face every day like being fully employed while fulfilling the obligations and joys of being a parent,…

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