Staying the Course

The advice out there is to build a platform and gain a following.  That’s the way to get your writing out there.  When I think about the energy and resources it takes to gain a following, I balk. There are many times I ask myself what’s the point of writing or blogging.  There is so much content on the Internet already, so many voices out there.  Who will hear my voice in this vast sea of echoes?  What difference will my words make?

At times like these, I focus on all the other important areas of my life and put writing on the back burner.  I tell myself tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  When I get a chance.  After the kids fall asleep.  After I complete this task or another.

My conscience

But the nagging thoughts don’t leave me alone.  When I glance at my laptop I feel guilty about leaving her alone for days at a time.  My conscience throws shade at me when I wake early and go back to sleep.  It makes me feel bad for choosing other tasks like folding and ironing over writing.

So yeah, when I choose not to write I feel guilty.  But why?  Why do I feel compelled to write?

As I search myself I realize that it could be because my mind knows I love creating characters and writing short stories.  It could be because at some point in my writing life, I decided to become a writer and not an aspiring writer.  It could be because somewhere along life’s journey I learned that we should use our talents or else we will lose them.  It could be because I understand that we ought to share our gifts with the world.

I don’t want to disappoint God and I don’t want to disappoint the universe, lest my gift be taken away.

The Cycle

So I go through this cycle of withdrawal and renewal.  I haven’t figured out how to remain steadfast to my writing goals.  I participate in writing webinars and subscribe to newsletters.  Although sometimes I feel overwhelmed, it is encouraging to know that I am not alone in the struggle.  I feel encouraged to tarry along and forge my own path.  It is a matter of choosing to write and educate myself about the industry.

Sometimes the words and the plots come easily and sometimes my page remains blank for days and weeks.  And the longer they remain blank the harder it is to fill them.


Honing in any craft takes commitment, time, determination, tenacity and support.  I think it requires us to form new, productive habits which I will touch on in my next blog post.

Whatever struggle you are going through I urge you to keep treading on.  Embrace your challenges and turn them into opportunities.  Learn your industry and apply your knowledge.  Above all, keep on keeping on.

Do you have any advice about your struggles which you wish to share?  Share them in the comments below.

Chat soon,






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