I’m Lisa.  Welcome to my website, Living, Loving & Writing (LLW).

It is so exciting to embark on this journey of creating this space to share my thoughts, feelings and stories – real and imagined.

About stuff we face every day like being fully employed while fulfilling the obligations and joys of being a parent, writer, lover, teacher, friend, artist, gardener, exercise freak, church member, club member …. You get it right?

We go through situations.  And we go through all kinds of feelings….well here, we can share them.  Doubts and fears, highs and lows.

I will also share my works of fiction with you which I hope you enjoy and provide feedback on.  Remember no man is an island…when you tell me what you think you will help me to improve the quality of my writing (and your entertainment) J

This website was inspired by so many of you and I give thanks for your support and encouragement.

I invite you to stop by from time to time and leave a comment or two and share.

Thanks for visiting. See you soon!




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