Sometimes, I dabble in poetry. In Spring 2020 I studied Renaissance Poetry and it was so refreshing interacting with these brilliant minds of ages past. They framed ideas in compelling and oftentimes complex ways and there was precision in their craft down to the letter. I was intrigued with their depth, rhythms, expressions, and structure. I was also fascinated with the historical content and witty lyrics.

My professor challenged me to write a poem mirroring one of my favorite poems in the text that we studied. By mirroring I mean, use of alliteration, patterns (number of syllables per line, number of lines per stanza) and other elements of craft which I could identify. My dears, writing poetry is no easy feat!

For this exercise I chose was George Gascoigne’s ‘A Strange Passion of a Lover.’ You can find it here: https://www.bartleby.com/337/94.html

My imitation is an ode to my beloved island, Dominica.

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