Email Sequences

Cold Lead Workflow

email 1

Subject Line:   How would you like being ahead of your competitors?            

Hello XX,

Do you constantly organize and mine your project data to remain competitive? Scattered data hinders output but a little organization goes a long way.

Rudy for Engineers, an AI-driven application, can analyze and manage your data, expediting the technical evaluation process up to 70% faster. 

Rudy’s technology integrates with your data sources and other knowledge management applications. Project stakeholders can work more collaboratively with permissible access to information and analyses across the entire project via one centralized location.

Find experts and files in seconds; update tasks and access insights. Data analysis can help you evaluate trends, resolve issues efficiently and complete the evaluation in a fraction of the time.

Interested in outpacing your competitors with Rudy?

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Email 2

Subject Line:   Eliminate manual errors in your TBE process

Dear XX,

Ever lost valuable data or precious dollars during the Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE) process due to manual errors like incorrect data entry or miscommunication?

Reduce errors and reduce costs with Rudy by Mintmesh, an AI-driven platform.

Rudy creates a single system of record which reads and stores project documents, and creates TBE templates. This frees up your time and eliminates the need for data entry.

In real time, your stakeholders can communicate and collaborate with each other, plus access relevant information and progress dashboards to make informed decisions.

Automate your TBE process to keep track of all project documentation and communication. Also, analyze past project data to win new projects.

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Subject Line:   Automation Can Shrink EPC Costs & Schedule Overruns               

Hello XX,

Does your EPC firm experience cost and schedule overruns in the Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE) process using multiple manual systems?

Meet Rudy, an AI driven platform that slashes manual work up to 70%.

Rudy creates a single system of record. This means you can create technical specifications, datasheets, material requisitions, and TBE templates all in one spot.
Suppliers can even make updates themselves to the same single source, making sure all team members and stakeholders can access critical data in real time.

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Subject Line:   How robust is your cyber-security?

Hello XX,

Does your Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE) process require numerous stakeholders? According to Ponemon, third-party vendors with security gaps cause nearly 60% of data breaches.

Most malware ride on inconspicuous phishing emails that unsuspecting staff engage with. Successful cyber-attacks cause project delays, cost overruns and reputational damage. Therefore, you should combine basic security practices with cutting-edge technology.

Rudy for Engineers has AI, and natural language processing capabilities that can keep your project data safe while supporting your business.

Rudy is cloud-based, using the latest virus protection and encryption standards, so you can safely store project documents together. Stakeholders have controlled access and they communicate within the system.

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Subject Line:   Are you on board with new industry trends?

Hello XX,

Manual systems contribute to errors and project overruns in the Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE) process. Spending weeks preparing datasheets, technical queries and TBE templates, with lots of back-and-forth communication among stakeholders, stunt your growth.

Automate your processes with Rudy by Mintmesh, an AI-driven platform which uses a single system of record (SSOR) to securely store your project documentation and communication.

Rudy creates material requisitions packages and digital TBE templates that suppliers can directly update. Compare bids and compile reports within minutes instead of days. Communicate securely and seamlessly with stakeholders in real time.

You can acquire new projects because of the weeks of time you save with Rudy.

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