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warm lead workflow


Subject Line:   Complete Bid Evaluations in a Fraction of the Time  

Hello X,

Are your engineers using multiple systems for Technical Bid Evaluations (TBE)? Are they spending countless hours building manual templates, inputting data and searching for documents across systems? 

Evaluate bids up to 70% faster by switching to Rudy, a secure AI platform built by Mintmesh. It reads and understands your existing documents to create TBE templates without data entry. Using Rudy’s Single System of Record (SSOR) your stakeholders can access and update relevant documents in a single location. In just minutes, they can receive deviation queries and final TBE reports based on bids from suppliers.

Automation saves you time and money. Interested in reducing time in your Bids evaluation process?

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Subject Line: We want to hear from you!

Hello XX

Your engineers don’t have to spend time building manual templates or searching for information across systems.

You CAN conduct your technical bid evaluations using one central platform!

Rudy by Mintmesh uses AI and Engineering Language Processing that reads and understands your existing documents to create Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE) templates without intensive data entry. Within minutes, stakeholders can access and upload relevant documents and generate actionable insights. With Rudy, your team can evaluate bids faster.

Are there other technical aspects that you would like incorporated to enhance your business? How can Rudy help you?

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Subject Line:   Save time. Save money with Rudy

Hello XX,

Engineers try to avoid cost overruns when evaluating technical bids. However, ineffective processes such as using multiple manual systems create delays that ultimately incur costs.

Shrink your timeline by weeks and watch your costs plummet with Rudy.

Rudy is a secure platform that uses AI and ELP capabilities to read your documents and convert them to TBE templates within minutes. Your stakeholders can collaborate seamlessly in real-time, retrieve files with minimal effort and access dashboards that provide insights for quicker decision making.

Learn how you can save money and save time up to 70%.

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Subject Line:   How do you protect your TBE data?

Hello XX,

Do your engineers work in a hybrid environment or email sensitive files across channels? Does your company protect your Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE) files with effective storage and regular upgrades?

Successful cyber-attacks have significant cost and reputational implications leading to construction delays, loss of confidence and market share.

Reduce your risk of attacks. Deploy Rudy, a central automated platform that can host all your TBE files securely with the latest virus protection standards. Its AI technology and machine learning security tools can help detect threats and encrypt all activities within the system. You can protect proprietary information by giving different access levels and controlling user access using authentication managed tokens.

Learn how to strengthen the security of your TBE projects with Rudy.

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Subject Line:   How productive is your team during the TBE process?

Do your engineers create evaluation templates and enter data manually? How do stakeholders keep track of tasks, retrieve project documents and compile project data? Is there extensive back-and-forth follow-ups among stakeholders? Time is valuable in your industry.

Loss of time = loss of productivity. Optimize your team’s workflow with Rudy.

It is a secure platform which uses AI and engineering knowledge to automate your processes and centralize your systems, so your stakeholders can search for, access and upload relevant documents in one place. They can track their tasks and access reports in real time. They can make decisions quicker and evaluate bids up to 70% faster.

Interested in saving time and costs during your TBE process?

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Subject Line:   It’s time to switch to AI-powered engineering software

Hello XX,

The EPC industry is shifting from manual to digital processes and so should you. Transform your Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE) process and experience huge time and cost savings.

Shave weeks off your TBE timeline plus minimize manual errors with Rudy by Mintmesh, an AI-driven single system of record built to manage the TBE process.

Automate your workflow using Rudy’s customized Engineering Language Processing (ELP) capability to read all documentation, create fully populated TBE templates, compare suppliers’ bids, and generate reports including technical queries and the final TBE report.

Collaborate securely and seamlessly with your stakeholders in real time with Rudy. Also, protect all your data by making documents accessible to only the right people.

Book a demo to learn how to improve your workflow with Rudy.   

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